What Web Hosting I Recommend For Your Small Business's Website

Since I don’t offer web hosting myself, I thought I would tell you what web hosting I recommend. I suggest InMotion Hosting as it offers low pricing and all of the features that you need. They offer you a free domain name or domain transfer when signing up. You also get unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.

Get The Cheapest Web Hosting Package InMotion Hosting Offer

The package that I would suggest getting is the cheapest one as that is all most people will ever need. It is the Launch package that is on the business hosting page. You can even have two different websites in the same web hosting package. The web hosting package also includes the ability to use your domain as your own custom e-mail addresses where you get unlimited storage and unlimited accounts.

How Much Web Hosting For Your Website Costs From InMotion Hosting

It starts out at 5.99 per month if you pay for two years and goes up to 7.99 per month after the initial two years. If you just want to sign up for 1 year it costs 6.99 per month and after that initial promotion it goes up to 8.99 per month. So as you can see it’s definitely better to just sign up for two years and save yourself some money

Take advantage Of Free Advertising Coupons For Google And Bing

I also strongly suggest that you take advantage of the free advertising coupons that you get for signing up as well. They offer the free advertising coupons from Google Adwords and Bing Ads. You get $100 dollars worth of free ads from Google and $75 dollars worth of free ads from Bing.

I Set Your Web Hosting Up For You Including E-Mail Addresses

I set the web hosting up for all of my clients. You will need to purchase it yourself though, but once you have just send me the log in info and I will do the rest for you. I will need the log in info anyway in order to upload the files of your website and create your e-mail addresses. If you would like more info on InMotion Hosting, please visit their website below.