What Is A FavIcon?

The FavIcon is the little image that is next to the title of the page at the top of your browser inside the individual tab. You may see what I mean in the image below.

Something Web Design FavIcon image location inside Google Chrome Browser

Where Does The FavIcon Show Up?

Now that you’ve seen what it looks like I’m sure you’ll start to notice those popping up on a lot of other places in your browser also. When someone bookmarks your page the image goes beside it. It also goes beside it on your most visited pages like that on Google Chrome on both desktop and mobile. On mobile if someone decides to add your website to their home screen, the favicon will then look like it is the app icon for your website.

All Website I Create Include A Favicon

Every website I create has a FavIcon as all websites should have a FavIcon. They are very easy to create, help your website stand out, and makes it look professional. There is even a very easy FavIcon generator that you can use. I will include a link to it below. You can also check to see if your website already has a FavIcon or not.

How To Create A FavIcon

When creating your FavIcon be sure to consider what it will look like very small as the regular size is 16 by 16 pixels. For optimal use I suggest creating a 260 by 260 pixel image to start with then putting it in the FavIcon generator. You can still design a great looking FavIcon even though they are so small but I do not suggest putting words in it as the words will not be readable.

Use The FavIcon Generator Below To Make Your Own

It will then create a bunch of different icons that will go in different places like I mentioned above. It will then give you code to put in the header of every page of your website and the FavIcon images to upload into the root folder of your website. Be sure to take a look at all of them on the websites that you visit!

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