Google Analytics Is A Free Way To Track The Visitors On Your Website

Google Analytics is a great way to see how many visitors your website is getting and what they are doing on your website. I’ll include a link below to sign up and it is free to do so. Once you are signed in, you will then click admin at the top then in the drop down underneath account select Create New Account. Then on the next page account name and website name can both just be the name of your website. Be sure to type in your website url, category, and time zone as well. You can keep everything checked off as well. Finally select Get Tracking ID.

Just A Quick Copy And Paste And Google Analytics Is Installed

Accept the terms and agreements. Now copy that script underneath website tracking and paste it into the header on each page of your website. If you don’t paste it onto a page then Google Analytics will not be able to track that page. You’ve got it all set up now! The data is added in every day at midnight so you will not see anything right away.

Why Page views, Pages Per Session, Average Session Duration, And Bounce Rate Are Important

Wait until the next day then to see your results. Sessions is how many times someone visited your website. Users is how many individual people visited your website. Pageviews is how many pages on your website was visited. Pages / Session is how many pages were viewed on your website per section. Avg Session Duration is how long a person browsed your website for. Bounce Rate is if a person visited a page on your website but then didn’t click any other links and just left your website. New Sessions shows how many new visitors viewed your website.

An Explanation Of What Each Field Means

I’ll go over what some of those mean now. The reason Sessions may be higher than Users is because that means the same person viewed your website twice in one day. Pageviews, Pages / Session, and Avg Session Duration you always want as high as possible. Bounce Rate you want to be low as you want people to explore your website and not to just view one page and leave. With New Sessions it really depends on what type of website it is. But you don’t want it to be extremely high or extremely low with it.

Compare To Previous Dates To See If Your Traffic Is Going Up

So now that you have all this what can you do with it now? The best way is to compare it to your previous 30 days to see if it is going up or not. You can compare it to the last 30 days by clicking the date in the upper right and check marking compare to Previous Period for the last 30 days or select compare to previous year. Comparing to previous year might be a good idea if you have a month where you are way busier than other months like the Scarevania Haunted House website I run. If you see it gradually going down or has taken a big turn down then you should definitely work on your website to get the numbers back up. Check back next week where I will tell you more about Google Analytics!

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