Use Google Webmaster Tools To Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

One of the best tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is using the Google Webmaster Tools. It’s a great way to see how your website is performing in Google search results. It will show you how many clicks you are getting, how many impressions or how many times your pages are showing up in Google search results, and even tells you what websites are linking to your website. It is a completely free service. You can click below to sign up.

How To Sign Your Website Up For Google Webmaster Tools

To add your website then click add a property in the orange red box in the upper right corner. Then type in your website. It will then ask you to verify which you can easily do if your website is also already using Google Analytics. If not just click alternate methods and it will show you some other ways that you can also verify. Once you are verified it will take a few days for them to start showing data for your website. Just keep checking back every day and it will eventually start to show up.

How To See How Your Website Is Doing In Google Search Results

Now that you are all signed up I will go over some of the sections you should definitely check out. The most important section I feel is search analysis which is under the search analytics page. This will show you what terms people are searching for that they have clicked to come to your website. You can also see impressions as well which will tell you which search terms made your website show up but the user did not click. You can even compare with the last 30 days to see if your results are going up or down. The reason a lot of the clicks search terms don’t show up is for privacy of the user. It will only show what search term the person used to click to your website if they aren’t logged into their Google account. Be sure to check back next week and I will cover more features on Google Webmaster Tools!

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