Easiest Way To Display Your Instagram Pictures On Your Website

Instagram is growing every day and a great way to get more followers on it is to put your Instagram feed on your website. Instagram does not make a page plugin the way Twitter and Facebook does to show off your feed so you have to rely on third parties who create them for you. Most of these third parties also do not link then to your own Instagram page and instead link to their own website. The best one that I have found that also links to your Instagram page is called LightWidget, formerly known as Instansive.

Visit LightWidget.com To Set Up Your Instagram Feed Widget

To visit their website and to get the free widget for Instagram visit their website below. You’ll notice that you can use a Username or you can just have a feed of a certain hashtag, great if you want to encourage your customers to take pictures of themselves at your business. They have three types of widgets, grid, slideshow, and column Pinterest style. The grid is exactly what it says, you can choose how many columns and rows that you want. The slideshow will rotate the pictures out one at a time and you can select how many of the latest pictures that you want to be included.

How To Add Lightwidget Instagram Feed To Your Website

Then once you have decided on how you want your Instagram feed to look, click preview then get code. Copy and paste the code from the box below and paste it into your website where you want it to go. In order to see your pictures, you need to click authorization pending. There it will ask for your username and password, just to make sure that the Instagram feed you’re going to have is your username that you own. Then after that just go refresh the page where you put the feed and your pictures will be there!

My Testimonial Is On The Front Page Of The Lightwidget Website

I love this widget so much that I sent them an e-mail and they even included some of it at the bottom of their website! Just look for the quote from Brent. Be sure also to view LightWidget in action below using the Something Web Design Instagram feed!

Something Web Design Instagram

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