Register Your Small Business Domain Name Immediately

One of the most important parts about starting your business is registering your domain name. Domain names are like property. Whoever buys it first, owns it. So after deciding on your business’s name, I strongly suggest one of the first things you do is register your domain name.

How To Choose Your Domain Name For Your Small Business

When deciding on what you want your domain name to be, I suggest just using the name of your business. That makes it a lot easier on your customers to remember your website. It may seem to use something clever as the domain name, but I don’t want someone sitting around thinking “Now what was the domain for Something Web Design again?” If the domain name you are wanting is already taken, I suggest then also adding the name of the town you located depending on the business. If you want to check if the domain name you want is taken or not, I have included a link below for you to check.

How Much Do Domains Cost And What Type of Domain To Buy

Domains cost 15 dollars a year. Some places might have introductory prices or offer it free with your web hosting, but typically it’s going to cost 15 dollars a year. I also suggest buying the .com version of your name. If your domain that you want is already taken, don’t be tempted into buying a .net. Typically if you have the .net a lot of people will still type in the .com of your domain leaving your customer very confused they are at the wrong website.

If Registering Multiple Domain Names For The Same Website Is A Good Idea

You can register multiple domain names if you would like. I just suggest though having one of them as the main one and have the other domain names forward to the main domain. This is best for search engine optimization practices as you don’t want search engines to find multiple websites just like yours. With it forwarding they will just find one website. Also the words in your domain are very important to search engine optimization as well. Which is why I recommend having the name of your business in it.

Don’t Let Your Domain Expire Or Risk Other People Buying It

Lastly, be sure not to let your domains expire because if they expire someone else may buy it up and you may never get it back. Usually the place you register your domain through will e-mail you letting you know if you need to re-renew. Only let the domain go if you know for a fact you will enver use it again. If you think you may want it in the future, I would keep it registered and just have it forward to another domain you own for the time being.

Go Register The Domain Name Now For Your Small Business!

Be sure to check below to see if your domain is available and go purchase it right now!

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