What is a Website Validator?

There are many different types of validators that you can run your website through to make sure it is running correctly. A validator is a website you can go to and you type in the url that you are wanting to check and it will then tell you if there is anything wrong with that page. When creating a new website it is important to input each page into the validators to make sure they are correct. The types of validators I will talk about in this post are HTML, CSS, Search Engine Optimization, and Google Mobile Friendly. I will include links to each of them at the bottom of the page.

Make Sure Your Website Is Running Correctly

The HTML validator will make sure that your website is loading correctly. It can show you if you forgot to close a div or if you used an id instead of a class. Pages that are coded incorrectly can sometimes not show up properly in browsers, especially in older versions. It also hurts your search ranking if your page is not coded correctly.

CSS Validator To Make Sure Your Website Loads Correctly

The CSS validator also makes sure that everything on your website is loading correctly. It will let you know if you forgot to put a comma or if you spelled something incorrectly. The CSS does not impact the search rankings. Even if you feel everything is displaying correctly on your website, it is a good idea to validate your CSS to make sure there isn’t anything you missed.

Search Engine Optimization Validator to Improve Search Engine Rankings

The search engine optimization validator is extremely important. It will then show you ways to improve that pages search engine ranking. It will tell you the keywords that most appear on that particular page. You should then use the most used keywords and put them in your page title and page description. It will give you points as you do more things to your website to improve its search engine ranking. I would suggest getting both the SEO score and page score in the 80‘s.

Google Mobile Friendly To Make Sure Your Website Works Great On Cell Phones

The last validator I’ll talk about is Google Mobile Friendly. This will tell you if your website will display well on cell phones. It also makes your page show that it is mobile friendly in the search engine results. It also improves your search engine ranking having your website as mobile friendly. If your website does not show that it is mobile friendly, it will then tell you ways in which you can make it so. It also says you can click to page speed insights which will do a much better job of telling you what exactly you need to do in order to make it mobile friendly.

All Of The Websites I Create Are Ran Through These Validators

All of the websites that I create are ran through these to make sure they are running smoohtly. Have fun running your own website through to see how it is doing!

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