Frequently Asked Questions

A Complete Small Business Web Design Package

How fast can you create a website?

It can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a month. The part that usually takes the longest is the content. If you already have everything written and images ready, I can make it extremely fast. If you want me to help you create the content, it will take a little longer as I send the text back for your approval to make sure everything is perfect. Do not feel like you have to have the content ready before you contact me, I am more than happy to help you with that.

Can you design my website how I like?

Yup sure can! As I'm creating it, I will put it up on a special link and you will be able to view the website. You can tell me what you like and don't like and I will make the changes accordingly. I do not limit the amount of revisions while creating your website.

Can you keep my website up to date?

Yes I definitely can. For 150 a month, I can update your website up to 3 times a week. If you aren’t going to have changes that often, I charge between 30 to 150 dollars as a one time fee. I only update websites that I have created. Also with the 150 a month website updates, I offer social media management. That includes up to 1 post a day on Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram. The content for the post is provided by you.

Google Mobile Friendly Websites

A Complete Small Business Web Design Package

Are the websites mobile friendly?

Yes the website I create you will be mobile friendly. I will even run your website through the Google Mobile Friendly validator which will confirm that it is. The website I create will look exactly the same on computers as it does on cell phones. The only difference is that on cell phones the text may be scaled to be bigger so that it is easier to read. I will even send you a link showing that is has passed the Google Mobile Friendly test.

Search Engine Optimization

A Complete Small Business Web Design Package

Will my website be in search engines?

Yes your website will show up in Google and Bing. I also write the page title and page description so that it will show up better in search engines. When you Google something, in the individual results, the page title is the first line that you see, the url is on the second line, and the page description is the third line.

Payment Policy

A Complete Small Business Web Design Package

What is your payment policy?

I require all websites to be paid at least 50% before I begin working on them. I accept either a check, money order, or can also send you an invoice via Paypal so you may pay online using a card. I will help plan out and talk about your website before taking payment to make sure I can give you exactly what you want. However, before I do any actual coding for your website I will need payment first. The website will need to be paid in full before it is uploaded onto your web hosting. There are no refunds after I have began work on your website.

Is there anything else I will need?

You will need to purchase your own domain name and web hosting. I would suggest using InMotion Hosting, but you can register your domain and web hosting wherever you want and I'll still be able to use it. Domains typically cost 15 dollars per year and web hosting from InMotion Hosting normally costs 7.99 per month. I can help you set both of these up as well.

Will you work on my oldwebsite?

No sorry, I only work on websites that I have created.