Indiana Water Systems Website

"I found Brent’s website – ‘Something Web Design’ – while doing an internet search for a local web designer. My husband and I were launching a new business and wanted someone to help us build a page that would reflect our unique style and help us stand out in a very competitive market.

Even though we didn’t personally know Brent, we looked at his portfolio. The websites were colorful and bold and attention-grabbing.

We took a chance on the new guy. And we didn’t regret it.

It is a pleasure working with Brent. He is eternally patient. This was especially important when working with me – I have to actually see everything to really SEE it. It was a lot of ‘try this, try that’. But Brent’s goal is to build an amazing website, constructed according to YOUR blueprint. He is also a super-listener – and doesn’t mind spending time on the smallest details. The whole experience was very positive. We have a computer nerd to help us, and a good friend in Brent." - Theresa Timmons, Indiana Water Systems

Tukie's Do It Yourself Laundry Soap Website

"We had been looking for someone to create our website for several months, but just couldn’t seem to find anyone who we felt made a good “fit” for us. And then we saw Brent’s sign on SR37 that said, “somethingwebdesign.come”. His website name itself is brilliant, so we knew immediately this was the person for us!

Brent was overly patient and kind with us while we contemplated literally everything. We never felt rushed to make decisions. Brent is very smart – like a great wine, he knows the importance of not rushing things.

Brent structured the Tukie’s website fabulously! It’s clear and logical, as well as attractive, inviting, colorful, and fun. He obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it.

We have learned so much from Brent through this website building process and we simply cannot be more pleased with his work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Cami Shutters & Janie Berry,


Pumpkin Pulp Website Scarevania Website

"We were in the market for a good dependable web designer and I am so thankful I found Something Web Design. They created a great solid web page that was exactly what we needed. Our clients love the new site and I am convinced it has paid for itself with the increase of sales by its professional look." - Brian Blair, Pumpkin Pulp and Scarevania.


Crooked Creek Horseback Riding Website

"Brent was incredibly knowledgeable about getting our website up!! Any question we had he could answer right away and he was very patient with us. This was by far the easiest process we had experienced with website building and would recommend him to anyone who needs the work done!!" - Ryan Everett

What I Do For Your Business Website