Unlimited Custom E-Mail Addresseses

If you are wondering what a custom e-mail address is it would be like (whateveryouwant)@yourdomain.com. An example would be the e-mail I use which is brent@somethingwebdesign.com. The ending part showing the domain must be one that you have registered and own. I am only available to set up the e-mail addresses for you if you are a client of mine that I have created a website for.

E-Mails Included At No Extra Charge

With most web hosting packages they include custom e-mail addresses that go along with your domain. The way that web hosting companies use e-mails are all mostly the same and I will be able to set it up for you no matter what web hosting company you have chosen. With InMotion Hosting they allow for unlimited accounts and unlimited storage. You’ll never have to worry about clearing out your inbox to make space again.

Works With Computers And Cell Phones

You are also able to send and receive these e-mails on both desktop and laptops, as well as cell phones, including Droids and iPhones, as well as tablets. For desktops I recommend downloading the program Mozilla Thunderbird. You can add as many e-mail accounts to that program at once that all load at the same time. It also has an address book, allows for a signature, has spam control, and many other great features.

Can Forward to Personal Accounts

You are also able to have the e-mails forward to your personal account that you have been using. So say you would like to create e-mails for all of your employees even if they will receive very little e-mails. It can then be set up to just automatically forward to their current e-mail so that the employee will not have to keep checking their work e-mail that may receive very few messages.

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