Have Customers Find Your Website

Search Engine Optimization is the goal of trying to get your website to show up in Google as much as possible. I’m not just referring to having your website show up when people Google your business, but the real goal is to have your website show up when people aren’t searching for your business. This is a way to bring in a lot of new customers without spending a dime.

Google Search Results

I will start with the basics. In each Google search result there are three things that it always contains. The page title, the page url, and the page description. First I will set up the page title for each individual page of your website. That is the text that is at the top of your browser right now and it is also the first line of each Google result.

Page Descriptions to Attract Clicks

Then underneath that is the url or the address of the Google search result. Every individual page of your website will be indexed by Google so as an example the url of this page is https://www.somethingwebdesign.com /search-engine-optimization. Then underneath that is the page description which describes to the person reading the search result what they would find on the page if they were to click it.

Keywords for Finding Your Website

Then the keywords that are in the page titles, the address of your website, and the page description are also very important. For example I run the website for Pumpkin Pulp which is a business that sells horror masks and props. For them I used the keywords “Buy Shop Creepy Scary Horror Halloween Masks Props Custom”. So now say when someone searches for “buy scary halloween mask”, their website will show up. Granted it might show up deep in the search results as there are a lot of sites already using that, but as time goes on your website will be ranked higher and will continue climbing closer and closer to the front page of that search result.

Building Links to Your Website

Google never releases the algorithm for how they rank websites but there are known factors of what helps determine it. One is how many other sites link to your website. This is where submitting to online business directories are extremely important as that provides links to your website. It is especially important for brand new websites because if no websites are linking to it then the Google search bots will rarely visit your website.

What I Do For Your Business Website